Specchi da Arredamento

These are coloured mirrors achieved with a special silvering technique, comparable to an explosion of colour which creates a three-dimensional effect on the surface. The range of application is almost unlimited: interior finishes, panelling for ceilings, walls and columns for a wide range of interiors, inserts for antique and modern furniture, plus composite panels and tiles. Standard production sizes: 1220x2400 mm sheets available in thicknesses of 3, 4, 5, and 6 mm.

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1.Polvere di Stelle


3.Sda policromo



6.Policromo Cobalto

7.Polvere di Stelle Blu

8.Golden Antique



11.Canna di fucile

12.Black Mirror

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-Minerva: mm 1000x2000x4
-Canna di Fucile: mm 1070x2400x4
-Black Mirror: mm 1070x2250x6
-Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami: mm 1070x2400x4
The sizes may vary.
Minimum delivery: 1 case, also by assorted types.
When requested for safety, it is possible to apply safety films.
On request we dispatch samples.